NGHAI consists of oral and poster sessions as well as two group activites.

13:30 Opening
13:40 Ice Breaking
14:10 Group Activity 1 General introduction of NGHAI.
Forming discussion groups.
Discussion in small groups.
14:50 Break
15:00 Oral Session 1 Designing a Multimodal Haptic Device for Virtual Kissing.
Emma Yann Zhang, Adrian David Cheok.
15:10 Thermal Sweet Taste Machine for Multisensory Internet.
Nur Amira Samshir, Nurafiqah Johari, Kasun Karunanayaka, Adrian David Cheok.
15:20 Magnetic Dining Table and Magnetic Foods.
Nur Ellyza Abd Rahman, Azhri Azhar, Kasun Karunanayaka, Adrian David Cheok, Jade Gross, Andoni Luis Aduriz.
15:30 Electrical Stimultation of Olfactory Receptors for Digitizing Smell.
Surina Hariri, Nur Ain Mustafa, Kasun Karunanayaka, Adrian David Cheok.
15:40 Break
15:50 Oral Session 2 Considering the Interaction of Humans and Music from a Human-Agent Interaction Approach.
Benjamin Luke Evans, Nagisa Munekata, Tetsuo Ono.
16:00 Modeling "model of others" using Deep Q-Network.
Tuan Anh Nguyen, Chie Hieida, Takayuki Nagai.
16:10 Modeling of Physical Interaction by the Dyadic Communication Needs for the Recognition and the Expression.
Genta Yoshioka and Yugo Takeuchi.
16:20 Poster Session
17:10 Break
17:20 Group Activity 2 Group presentations of discussion summary
18:20 Closing
18:30 Clean up
19:30 Banquet

Group Activity

In small groups, we will discuss "HAI and something in Ten Years." As next generation researchers, this topic, which covers future challenges, ideas, research, and works in Human-Agent Interaction, is interesting and important to envision us in ten years.
Participants of NGHAI are welcome to join the discussion. This includes presenters, senior researchers, and audience members.