The workshop will take place in Room 1065, Murray Building (B58).
Start End Activity
13:30 13:35 Opening
13:35 14:00 Ice Breaking
14:00 15:00 Oral Session
15:00 15:20 Break
15:20 16:05 Keynote Speech
16:05 17:35 Group Activity
17:35 17:45 Closing&Commemorative Photo
18:00 Welcome Reception (in HAI2018 main conference)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Omar Mubin
Senior Lecturer,Western Sydney University


In this talk, I will present two of my recent publications in the area of Human Robot Interaction, exemplifying the societal applications and perception of social robots. Lastly, I will also present some viewpoints and analysis towards building an academic career and publishing tips.

Study 1: In this paper, we present a Child-Robot Interaction (CRI) study that applies an emotion and memory model on a social robot in the wild in a mathematics learning scenario. We conducted an exploratory long-term study, where the robot used the personalisation mechanism based on our emotion and memory model to understand its effects in terms of improving children's learning and sustaining social engagement on a Mathematics task in a long-term interaction. Our results showed that in a condition, where our model was implemented on the social robot, children showed the higher level of social engagement.

Study 2: This study investigates the overall presence, nature and frequency of referrals of 18 popular science fiction robots in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library. We identified 121 relevant mentions, across 102 individual publications, in a time span from 1973 to 2017. These 121 mentions were then qualitatively analysed to determine the nature of the robot mentions. Our results indicate that the robot attributes of voice or dialogue were emerging as a popularly mentioned element. In addition, we find that research papers of philosophical nature mention sci-fi robots more frequently than papers of technical or theoretical nature.


Dr Omar Mubin is currently a Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction at the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University, Australia. As a researcher and practitioner in state of the art Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Dr Mubin's research vision is to determine the impact and perception of technology in society at large. His current projects include investigations into Educational Robots, Research Impact Quantification and Scientometrics, Robots in Public Spaces and Interactive Technology for Rehabilitation. His current h-index according to Google Scholar is 14 with over 1000 citations.


    • Doctor Omar Mubin | Western Sydney Unversity
    • Google Scholar

Oral Session

Start Authors Title
14:00 Keisuke Inazawa
Akihiro Kashihara
Evaluating Model-Based Self-Review of Presentation with Robot Download PDF
14:15 Tomoki Miyamoto
Daisuke Katagami
Yuka Shigemitsu
Mayumi Usami
Takahiro Tanaka
Hitoshi Kanamori
Yuki Yoshihara
Kazuhiro Fujikake
Toward a construction of the politeness theory adaptable to HAI research: On going evaluation of conversational agents considering gender bias Download PDF
14:30 Sylvie Saget Language as a tool: Acceptance-based Pragmatics Download PDF
14:45 Eichi Takaya
Rio Watanabe
Satoshi Kurihara
The Proposition of Autonomous Interactive Desk Environment Download PDF